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Description : Beautifully hand crafted quilts that are cotton filled. The layering of the cotton is done very specially. Once the cotton is cleaned and fluffed, it is evenly laid out on the fabric which is then rolled for some time for the cotton to settle down. Thereafter the roll is opened out and is beaten down to even out the cotton. After which the quilt is intricately hand stitched with different patterns and very fine quilting/stitching holds the quilt together. This is similar to Kantha work.

This work is carried out on antique and contemporary textiles from different parts of India like sarees, dhotis, dupattas, shawls. An array of colours including rich and pastel shades, prints and textures are used for quilting. Textiles used are linen, chikan work, silk, tafetta, satin, mushroo (atlas), velvet, cotton, voil (malmal), wool.


Measurement :

  • Double quilts 90 by 108 inches
  • Single quilts 75 by 90 inches


Prices : Prices Range from Rs 7000 upwards, depending upon the work, textile and sizes.

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